Porn with Faye Reagan

Pornstar Faye Reagan
Name: Faye Reagan aka Fay Reagan, Faye Regan, Faye Valentine
Gender: woman
Age: 25
Location: USA
Ethnicity: white
Height: 163
Weight: 50
Hair: red
About Faye Reagan:

Faye Reagan (the hottest world redhead) came into existence on September 19, 1988 in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), and her red hair and freckled cheeks have become the symbol of her success since that moment. Now, she is 26 and considered one of the loveliest US pornstars, occupying place #27 among all American sex queens.

The model is 163 cm tall and 50 kg heavy and combined with large titties, it makes an astounding impression upon all who see her. In North American continent her seat is #30. Being within top 50 porn divinities both in the US and all North America is a pretty good result!

Her amount of sex movies is considerable, but the number of oversights is even greater, namely over 428 million ones. Her big freckled double dugs are adored by millions, and you can see them all around Internet as they are wide-spread in a world wide web. Super sizzling babe Faye Reagan is looking forward to your coming to her and poking!

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