18 USC 2257

Pornstars Hub (pornstars-hub.com) is not a producer of any content that you are able to find on our site. Everything that is connected with report like in 18 USC 2257, for all content of our resource, please send the request to site for which this content was produced. Pornstars Hub is a video portal that allows to upload, change and watch videos for adults.

We are doing our best to control everything on our site but we can not do it on 100%! There are following rules pornstars-hub.com is adhering the following procedures: all users of the site must be over 18 year old to upload the video. When the user is uploading video he(she) should examine it and be sure that all model of the video are over 18 year old. To get the extra help and information about finding the source site, please connect pornstars-hub.com.

If the content users try to upload don't fit to it then it would be underlined as illegal. If the content is illegal, then it would be deleted from the site. The users of the site that tried to upload the illegal content could be banned.