Porn with Gigi Rivera

Pornstar Gigi Rivera
Name: Gigi Rivera aka Gigi Ribera
Gender: woman
Age: 25
Location: USA
Ethnicity: white
Height: 160
Weight: 50
Hair: brown
About Gigi Rivera:

This brown Latina actress is 25 years old (born on June 20, 1989 in Mexico), and Gigi Rivera’s birth changed the world once and forever. At the moment, sweetie lives in the USA, and her place among American pornstars is 50. Within US and Canada her number within pornstars is 54, and her global place is 81. Wanna know her body measurements? They are 28A-24-36, and a good piece of news for you is that her mountains are natural.

Her height? It’s 160 cm, and her weight is 50 kg. She started her porn career in 2010 and is retired at the moment. There is a piercing on her right side of the nose, but this little thing is almost known by her worshippers. Her sex film tapes are numerous, and what she does in holdovers, keys everybody up. That’s a good way to gain pleasure for this nasty and not only that!

Gigi Rivera adores making hot things before camera and behind the curtains… You are gonna like her shoulder boulders for real!

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