Porn with Jada Stevens

Pornstar Jada Stevens
Name: Jada Stevens aka Jacia Stevens, Jade Stevens
Gender: woman
Age: 26
Location: USA
Ethnicity: white
Height: 160
Weight: 52
Hair: black
About Jada Stevens:

White porn star with nice shoulder boulders is someone everyone dreams to get familiarized with, and this United States prostitute is Jada Stevens. What’s her main weapon?! It is certainly celestial body which is an object of sexual desires of millions of males. What are her flesh parameters? The height is 162 cm, while the weight is 52 kg. She’s got black hair, big, yum-yummy booty and long legs!

205 million views of her celluloids show that she is really popular, and not only within the US! Now you can understand why Jada occupies seat #23 within US pornstar’s rating, and why hers is #25 in the North American rating.

Stevens has a slender figure, her bust is natural and 81 cm in a circular motion. She got a foot in the door together with world-known studio Bang Bros in 2008. Jada makes loves with both sexes, and one of her favorite kinds of fucking is interracial.

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