Porn with Angelina Castro

Pornstar Angelina Castro
Name: Angelina Castro
Gender: woman
Age: 31
Location: Cuba
Ethnicity: white
Height: 173
Weight: 71
Hair: black
About Angelina Castro:

It’s hard to talk about Angelina Castro, because she is so nice in every respect! Still , two of her round, super enormous ‘respects’ on the chest are irresistible beyond belief. Her videos among all channel’s hits occupy place #15, and it is no surprise that in her native Cuba this hot brunette is a pornstar #1.

By the way, Castro is a Cuban-American sex actress and has a good command of both English and Spanish. The model pretty often works with webcamera, showing how lovely she is in video chatting. Her rating amidst Latin porn princesses is 3. For all period of Angelina’s professional activity her flickers were seen by more than 81 million watchers.

If keen on learning more about this crummy babe, log on her resource:! She is rather tall for a lady (173 cm) and heavy (71 kg), however it’s rather her weapon than weakness!

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