Porn with Gianna Michaels

Pornstar Gianna Michaels
Name: Gianna Michaels aka Giana Michaels, Gianna Rossi
Gender: woman
Age: 31
Location: USA
Ethnicity: white
Height: 178
Weight: 66
Hair: brown
About Gianna Michaels:

When you look at Gianna Michaels, her body shocks no less than serious achievements! The girl got a look at the elephant on June 6, 1983 in Seattle, Washington. Gianna’s initial employment was working in a restaurant, but after that she was noticed by some producers and got invitation to try as a model. A nasty babe of colossal height (180 cm) looked good in front of cameras, and Michaels agreed to be shot nude in a few moments in a final run.

Her first celluloid was Big Wet Asses 15, and it was made in summer of 2009. With height of 180 cm Gianna weighs 66 kg what is absolutely acceptable for a porn cover girl.

You know what seat she takes within the rating of US pornstars?! This is #8! In the general North American rating brown-haired beanpole occupies #9, and she doesn’t seem to be quite satisfied with the fact.

Hot babe Gianna Michaels can brag of more than 891 millions of view of her porn thrillers.

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