Porn with Sasha Grey

Pornstar Sasha Grey
Name: Sasha Grey aka Anna Karina, Sascha Grey, Sasha Gray
Gender: woman
Age: 26
Location: USA Sacramento
Ethnicity: white
Height: 168
Weight: 50
Hair: brown
About Sasha Grey:

Sasha Grey is a lovely bitch who is only 26 years old (she is from Sacramento, California) and who knows so much about love at her blooming young age that not every 50 years old married one can tell you as much! Her name was Marina Ann Hantzis (when she was born), but then the girl decided to become a sex star and chose name “Sasha Grey” for herself…

168 cm tall porn star took part in 301 sex hits as an actress (including video mixtures), and two sex cliff hangers were organized by her as a boss! The other nicknames of Sasha Grey are Sascha Grey, Anna Karina and Sasha Gray.

The girl is also an actress, musician and author of some mainstream content. Grey has two websites: one on the social network Facebook and on Twitter:

She ranks #11 among all known US porn divas, occupying #15 in the world. I won’t describe the number her sex movies were watched.

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