- If your service is free?

Yes, our service is absolutely free and we do not take money for using it allowing to watch porn movies free of charge.


- Do I need something special to watch videos on your site?

No, you just need to install the recent Adobe Flash Player to start watching our videos immediately.


- How can I change my account log or pass?

You could do it easily on your personal page entering the last password and then the new one. All information would be sent your email address you entered during the registration. There is a secret question you entered before too you need to answer if the email address you entered during the registration was stolen and then you should enter your new valid email address. All information would be sent there.


- If there is something that is installed on my computer when I watch videos?

No, there is no software that is installed on your computer when you watch the videos. That is why there is nothing to remove from your computer. You could delete the browsing history, cache and temporary Internet files in your browser.


- How can I find videos that I liked?

If you have got an account on Pornstars Hub, there would not be something easily than that because all videos that you liked and pushed to your own favorite list are stored right there.


- How can I underline that the video is one of my favorites?

There is a special button on video page that you should click to get it added to your own favorite list.


- I wanted to watch video and it did not work? Why?

Sometimes there could be some videos that temporarily do not work and it would be fixed so soon. We apologize that situations like this happen from time to time.


- I want you to email me about updates. Could you do it?

No, sorry but we do not sent emails to our users, never because it is prohibited by our Privacy Policy. You could subscribe to our feed to updates on Pornstars Hub.


- How can I download videos from your website?

There are a lot of different software that allows you to download content from our site. You could see the list of these programs here.


- What could I do if I have low Internet connection?

You could try to download videos from our site in low quality. It would help you to get them if you have got low or bad Internet connection.


- What is prohibited on your site?

It is prohibited to upload illegal porn dedicated to people under 18 year old, non-acted violence (including when people are forced to act in porn), coprophilia and other prohibited niches of porn.