Porn with Abella Anderson

Pornstar Abella Anderson
Name: Abella Anderson aka Amy Quesada, Latina Ruvi
Gender: woman
Age: 26
Location: USA Florida Miami
Ethnicity: white
Hair: black
About Abella Anderson:

Abella Anderson is 26 (born in 1988, Miami, Florida), and she is one of the hottest not only American, but also world porn stars. Enjoying typical Latino American looks, that is brown skin, dark hair, and so on, Abella proves to be an extremely beautiful actress and model, having big boobs, juicy buttocks and flirting eyes.

Being pretty short even for a woman (157 cm), this chocolate American porn heroine has an ideal weight of 47 kg for this height. As a result, we have an ideal love heroine who can boast of boobs of D-size. In the USA she occupies the 9th place among all porn princesses, whereas in the world she is #13. Up to this moment, 33 sex movies, involving her, have been watched more than 267 mln times. Having started some time ago in one of the flickers by Bang Bros studio as Anna B, Anderson promoted herself up to taking part in children’s movie, namely “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons” in 2013.

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