Porn with Pinky Xxx

Pornstar Pinky Xxx
Name: Pinky Xxx
Gender: woman
Age: 32
Location: USA
Ethnicity: black
Height: 150
Weight: 70
Hair: brown
About Pinky Xxx:

Pinky XXX is not just a super big erotic American panther, but very big-boobed and double-assed black-skinned bitch of the all-American impact! So, she was born on June 24, 1982 in the USA and has been involved in the sex business for some time already. She is not only black, but has black hair and unreally wide ass. Extremely short (only 150 cm), but pretty heavy for being so low (70 kilos)…

Her sign of the Zodiac is cancer. Just think about her body pointers:
34B-24-38, and you can understand now by yourself why she is so much popular. Her place within U.S. pornstar’s ranking is 46th, and in the North American is #50. So, she has something to offer everyone, and you can see how nice she is and some of her family jewels are!

Incidentally, her erotic flickers were watched about 308 million times!

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