Porn with Jayden Jaymes

Pornstar Jayden Jaymes
Name: Jayden Jaymes aka Jayden James
Gender: woman
Age: 28
Location: USA
Ethnicity: white
Height: 173
Weight: 61
Hair: black
About Jayden Jaymes:

If you wanna know the muddiest American porn actress that is just 28 who comes to be the one who is desired by millions, this is Jayden Jaymes. What is so special about her you may ask? Really nothing if looking at first, but black hair, white round family jewels and clean-shaved chinchilla is something you will desire above all. The girl was born on February 12, 1986 under the name of Michelle, but she is known as Jayden Jaymes.

Her career was commenced in November 2006 and for 8 years she was shot in more than 300 films what is a striking number, and Jayden claims that there are no limitations in this respect. 173 cm of height make her a rather tall sex model, and high heels double the effect. Is Jayden heavy? Well, she weighs 61 kilos, and although this is pretty much for a model, this factor makes her even sexier.

In the US her porn rating equals to #12, and in North America it’s a bit lower: #13.

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